Citygate is located on a beautiful, semi-wild section of the world-renown Erie Canal. The history of this location is one of hope and struggle. Life and loss. Just after the turn of the century the site was originally developed into the impeccably maintained Iola Sanatorium campus – a community hospital built specifically for long-term care of tuberculosis patients. Because of its fresh air, sunshine, and view of the canal and hilly landscape to the southeast, it was the perfect location for the Fresh Air Cure, which was part of the tuberculosis treatment regimen of the day.

In the century since, with changing tenants and ultimate lack of use and care, the sprawling lawns and gardens went to seed, and the impressive architecture deteriorated and was eventually torn down – except for the now revitalized Citygate smoke-stack. Prior to its fall, however, Anthony Costello saw in the overgrown campus exactly what the medical community saw in it back in the early 1900s. Fresh air, sunshine, the canal, and a view of our beautiful southeastern countryside. What once was a place where local families held hope for health to be returned to sick loved ones, is now a place where life and its endless possibilities are enjoyed and celebrated.