Citygate on the Erie Canal is the most comprehensive, well-appointed pedestrian-scaled district in Rochester. With its combination of shopping, dining, working, hospitality, and luxury living, seamlessly blended with truly one-of-a-kind waterfront location and amenities, Citygate is strategically positioned to draw from a regional population of over 1 million people. Within a 15-minute radius alone, we have a booming population of almost 600,000 people who are looking to enjoy a level of quality, ambiance, and taste that only the shops and restaurants at Citygate have to offer. We’re not simply a place to go. We’re a destination.


At this time, we are in the design phase of the new Apartments coming, Fall 2018. We will be releasing this information in the near future. If you are interested, in receiving more information once available please email us at


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Ferrara Jerum


Chris Hepner at

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